PM Trudeau broke ethics rules by accepting vacation with Aga Khan

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a press conference in Guangzhou China on Dec. 7 2017

In future, he said he plans to ask the ethics commissioner to clear all his family vacations.

Dawson also found that Trudeau contravened section 12 of the Act when his family travelled on non-commercial aircraft chartered by the Aga Khan in March 2016 and when he and his family travelled in the Aga Khan's private helicopter in December 2016.

Trudeau indicated that he took "full responsibility" for the decision and said that there would not be consequences for anyone in his office. The first of these trips was in December 2014, and the second in December 2016.

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the start day for legal cannabis in Canada is vaguely set for "next summer" and not July 1st like everyone had originally thought.

However, she found no evidence Trudeau discussed any parliamentary business with the Aga Khan or his representatives, or participated in any related debates or votes.

Dawson says in a report today that Trudeau's vacation a year ago, and two other family vacations not previously made public, broke conflict of interest law that prohibits a minister or any member of their family from accepting gifts or "advantages" that could reasonably be seen as influencing government decisions.

Trudeau and his family vacationed on the island during the holidays in late December 2016 into January this year.

"However, there were no private interactions between Mr. Trudeau and the Aga Khan until Mr. Trudeau became Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada", the report states.

Trudeau made it clear that he felt that he was simply visiting a family friend. "We have a system in place to protect the integrity of the (prime minister's) office", he said.

On both occasions, the report states that Trudeaus were told that the Aga Khan and his family "may or may not be present". Some of the allegations of rule infractions referenced in those complaints were deemed not broken.

Aside from having it on the public record that the prime minister broke federal conflict of interest rules, it is not anticipated that Trudeau will face any penalties for these infractions. She is also probing Finance Minister Bill Morneau's possible conflict of interest over his sponsorship of pension bill, C-27. On Wednesday, political rival Andrew Scheer - leader of Canada's Conservative Party - tweeted his disapproval of the prime minister's conduct.

"There seems to be two worlds", he said.

"What we've learned today is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has broken the law, there is no other way to put it but that he has broken the law with respect to ethics".

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