Sees first flu death of the season

Sees first flu death of the season

Sees first flu death of the season

Doctors worry the flu will be more severe this year, and the vaccine will be not as effective.

FACT: Getting the flu vaccine, even later in the season, can still be beneficial. 24 Spokane County residents have been hospitalized with flu this season, compared to nine during the same period past year.

More than 100 people have now been hospitalized this season with flu in Oklahoma, and, in the past week, the first two deaths from the illness in the state are reported. The vaccine that the Australians received was only 10 percent effective. "There should be a flu vaccine out there that is suitable for everybody in that age range". While still in development, the candidate vaccines would train the human immune system to recognize components of the virus that are common to all influenza strains and don't change from year to year as they crisscross the globe. Researchers vociferate that this directs towards a prospective intrinsic defect in the way flu vaccines are produced. On Oct. 3, it was announced that Oxford University's Jenner Institute and Vaccitech, a biotech company, are developing a potential universal flu vaccine. There are clinical trials being conducted.

Remedios says when we have a cold snap, you can expect to see a lot more flu going around.

"The very process of how we make the vaccine creates an unanticipated, nearly accidental mismatch, which is what happened in Australia this year", Fauci said in an interview.

Though researchers are working hard behind the scenes to develop more effective vaccines, you should still aim to be proactive about your health.

That's not a reason for Americans to skip the flu shot this year, Fauci said. "Vaccines remain a valuable public health tool, and it is always better to get vaccinated than not to get vaccinated". Dr. Fauci also tells Bustlethat people can lower their risk of catching the flu this winter by practicing proper hygiene, and washing their hands frequently.

"We had studied M2 for years, but one day recently a student in my lab noticed that the M2 in the LAIV influenza A viruses contains a mutation in the same part of the protein that we had previously identified as affecting viral replication", Pekosz says.

MYTH 5: Flu vaccines are only for really sick people.

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