These are Google Play's best apps, games, and movies of 2017


These are Google Play's best apps, games, and movies of 2017

"Those living on Wi-Fi or with large data plans may not notice, but for many users around the world data is like money to them so they budget it". You can also block data with one tap if an app's data usage gets out of control.

As part of its effort to crack down on bad apps on the Play Store, Google has announced this week that it will be booting any applications that display advertisements on the Android lock screen. You can't completely avoid them, but there are some ad implementations that are so annoying that Google has explicitly disallowed them from the Play Store.

Datally helps users do three things.

The app will also help find the nearest Wi-Fi sport, with ratings by Datally users. These processes are mainly handled by apps that are installed and accessed by different built-in services like Calendar, Camera, Contacts, etc. Switching on Data Saver blocks background data and lets users fully control which apps use data. The app also generates customized recommendations including the ability to activate reminders to save data.

The Datally app takes about 6MB of space, so it's easy on your phone's storage. In fact, the app has already been use in Philippines since summer where it has gone for more than 500,000 downloads and helped save 30 percent data on average.

But on the other hand, if you're on a limited data connection and you want to track your data usage and make sure that only the apps you specify are using your precious data, then you can go ahead and give Datally a go by clicking here.

As you can see, Datally app helps you to find out how much valuable mobile data has been saved. Since I was connected to my office Wi-Fi, I ended up saving around 21% mobile data. Presumably, you know what you're getting when you install a lock screen app. Datally will also notify you about Public Wi-Fi hotspots that may be available nearby. Having a separate app would help you in setting up restrictions for data usage as well.

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