These are the best places to work in 2018

These are the best places to work in 2018

These are the best places to work in 2018

But three companies can actually top that record with an appearance each of the past 10 years, according to Glassdoor: Google, Apple and the management consulting firm Bain & Co.

But Facebook sure seems to be doing something right; the company scored an impressive 4.6 rating, getting rave reviews from employees about their benefits, compensation packages, health insurance, maternity and paternity plans, and even their free lunch and snacks.

Amazon-which received a 3.7 rating on Glassdoor (only slightly better than average)-has actually never made that list, and it may not be too hard to figure out why.

Making its debut in the Glassdoor Employees Choice Awards index the utilities company went straight in at number two in the United Kingdom, only beaten by web giant Google.

Workers looking to make a job change in the year ahead would do well to consider a gig with one of these companies.

Expedia, which topped the ranking past year, came in 14th place in the poll.

Meanwhile, companies are commonly added or fall off the list.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants was the highest-ranked hotel company on the list, at #37. Also in 2017, Ultimate ranked seventh on Forbes' "100 Most Innovative Growth Companies" and second on People's "50 Companies That Care". "Employers where employees love to work continue to prove that they have a recruiting and business performance advantage". To be considered for the list, each employer needed at least 75 ratings across each of the workplace attributes.

The full list of best places to work in Seattle is here, and the list for small and medium companies is here. Meanwhile, the Department of the Air Force, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security got the lowest rankings - though the numbers for DHS were also the most improved, rising 6.2 percentage points from 2016.

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