Tillerson urges China to curb oil supply to N

North Korea

GETTY WW3 A massive conflict would have horror consequences

President Trump early Thursday said the Chinese envoy who was dispatched to North Korea "seems to have had no impact" on Kim Jong Un.

Geng also said that North Korea, "fully understands the importance of initiatives aimed at de-escalating the conflict, which were proposed by China and Russian Federation".

Russia's foreign minister has accused the USA ambassador to the United Nations of a "bloodthirsty" stance on North Korea that could significantly worsen tensions.

"I think the Chinese are doing a lot", Tillerson told reporters when asked if he shares the president's sentiment. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, reacted to the test by urging more sanctions against Pyongyang and threatening that "if war comes... the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed", RT reported.

"If the United States drops out of this deal, it won't be very credible in the eyes of those who are now requested to drop their (own) nuclear program like North Korea", said Lavrov, addressing a Rome conference.

Russian Federation and China have proposed a roadmap for settling the Korean crisis through a transition to negotiations, which implies rejection of any actions that fuel tensions.

"China's priority is stability in the region, as well as domestic stability, and part of that is an alliance with its neighbor North Korea", Alison Evans, deputy head of Asia-Pacific country risk at IHS Markit, told CNBC on Thursday. "He said North Korea is ready to sit down at the negotiating table". China must show leadership and follow through.

However, the state-owned media outlet did not mention whether China had agreed to Trump's request regarding the oil.

"China will completely and thoroughly carry out all resolutions regarding North Korea and its worldwide responsibilities", Geng said.

An editorial in the China Daily argued that the latest test may have been prompted by the Trump administration's decision to label North Korea a sponsor of state terrorism.

"Preventive war is plainly illegal under the U.N. Charter, which permits military action as a matter of self-defense only in response to an actual armed attack".

Peking University's Jia Qingguo said that in addition to tightening sanctions, China and the United States will need to find ways to cooperate in a wide range of areas.

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