USA welcomes Saudi-led coalition's move to keep Yemen port open

USA welcomes Saudi-led coalition's move to keep Yemen port open

USA welcomes Saudi-led coalition's move to keep Yemen port open

"With suspected cases of cholera reaching about 1 million, it is a very serious indicator and confirms the warning of the International Committee of the Red Cross of the tragic humanitarian situation in Yemen", Hazem said.He emphasized that the "disastrous situation" has had impacts on all vital sectors such as the health.

The coalition has intervened in the Yemeni conflict in March 2015 to roll back Iranian-aligned Houthi rebels and backed internationally recognized President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi Houthis forced into exile in Saudi Arabia.

The United Nations says the country is suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

At least 2,226 people are believed to have died of the disease since April, although the number of new cases has declined for 14 consecutive weeks.

A new wave of cholera is expected in March or April.

"It's probably unavoidable. We need to be ready to face another big epidemic", Marc Poncin, Yemen emergency coordinator for aid agency Doctors Without Borders, said adding that cholera may become a long-term burden as it has in Haiti.

With a shattered healthcare system, Yemen is not able to cope with a major cholera outbreak that is now killing more people than the country's ongoing war.

The humanitarian crisis in war-torn Yemen rages on as the year comes to a close and the problem with infectious disease outbreaks continue in lock-step as part of the crisis.

Yemen's troubles have been aggravated by the Saudi-led coalition's blockade of its ports, which has resulted in a fuel shortage and a spike in food prices.

Yemen has enough for 200 to 500 patients, Mr Poncin said.

The result is what global aid groups are calling the "worst humanitarian crisis in the world", with over 10,000 deaths in the ongoing violence, over 8 million people nearing starvation, a diphtheria outbreak threatening to spread, and over 80% of Yemenis without food, clean water and health care.

Coalition air raids killed 43 Huthi fighters in the Red Sea province of Hodeida in the past day alone, amid a push by pro-government forces to advance toward a key port there, medical and military sources said.

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