Victoria's Secret is accused of racism yet again

Several Victoria’s Secret models are drawing heat for a video that surfaced online

Several Victoria’s Secret models are drawing heat for a video that surfaced online

A group of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models have been slammed after a video emerged appearing to show several of the young women saying the N-word while singing along to rapper Cardi B's hit song 'Bodak Yellow'.

The video appears to be taken from a Karlie Kloss vlog.

But the problem is not that Kloss posted a video of the moment.

They had issues obtaining visas for models and performers, including Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry, when the show travelled to China. It's that the n-word was sung by a room filled with mostly white models. The video shows at least three other models taking videos and on their phones.

As far as the "Bodak Yellow" debacle, Cardi B retweeted a Twitter user who posted the video with the caption "All these bitches said n*****, too", but the rapper did not respond when Newsweek reached out for comment. The 25-year-old rapper nabbed two nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards.

It's unclear exactly which women are rapping in the video, since it pans around the room.

The problem? In a room almost devoid of black models, you can hear them clearly singing the word "nigga" in Cardi B's line: "I don't wanna choose/And I'm quick, cut a nigga off, so don't get comfortable". "Thank you for having me", she said.

If you can't tell by the long pauses after the word that it's actually not OK at all. They're so unhappy that they want the models to be fired. The footage, although inconspicuous, was slammed after people heard many non-black models seemingly rapping the n-word along with the song's lyrics.

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