Virginia governor cites power of a single vote

Is that a hanging chad

Is that a hanging chad

If a three-judge panel accepts Simonds as the victor on Wednesday, the House could have a 50-50 split which could force a power sharing arrangement.

According to the earlier election results, Yancey had beat Simonds by 10 votes.

After an election recount that appears to give them a tying vote in their chamber, Virginia House Democrats plan to meet Wednesday to select a would-be speaker.

Even as the court was considering whether to certify Tuesday's recount in the 94th House District, two other recounts are taking place this week - at least one of which may further reshuffle politics in Richmond. The Republicans' commanding 66-34 majority in the House sank to 51-49.

A single vote may spell the end of Republican control in Virginia's House of Delegates. But Republicans challenged that decision in court Wednesday, saying the voter had selected every other Republican on the ballot and meant to vote for Yancey.

James Alcorn, the chairman of the state board of elections, said the victor will likely be chosen by drawing a name out of a glass bowl.

Power sharing in the House of Delegates is an awkward exercise.

The Dec. 19 recount, which left Simonds with 11,608 votes compared to incumbent Del.

Democrats were declaring victory Tuesday night and celebrating what appeared to be their successful effort to wrest control Virginia House of Delegates from Republicans for the first time in 17 years. The voter had filled in bubbles for both Yancey and Simonds, but had put a slash through the Simonds bubble, which the court interpreted as intent to vote for Yancey. It would mean a rare power-sharing agreement may have to be brokered. David Yancey but that the voter had made another mark to strike out Simonds' name.

Election officials in Newport News on Tuesday will rescan ballots cast in the 94th District. "Whether it was knocking on doors, posting on social media or donating a few dollars, it all made a difference and added up to an incredible outcome on election day".

Shelly Simonds beat three-term incumbent Republican Delegate David Yancey in the 94th District in Newport News, 11,608 to 11,607, in an hours-long recount Tuesday.

Last week, Republican Delegate Tim Hugo held on to his seat in Fairfax County after a recount made little change to his 100-plus vote lead.

"I want to thank the voters who came out on November 7", Simonds said today.

The statement continued, "The State Board of Elections will publicly meet to make a determination by drawing lots, after which the loser may request an additional recount".

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