Air New Zealand named among top 20 safest airlines


Aircraft mishaps are declining even as the number of flights continues

Airline industry executives welcomed the report and have made commitments to continue operating in the safest manner possible during 2018.

The Aviation Safety Network has revealed that 2017 was the safest year in aviation history.

Jetstar Australia also have something to be proud of; the budget airline was named as one of 10 low-priced carriers with excellent safety records.

Added editor-in-chief Geoffrey Thomas in a statement: "It is extraordinary that Qantas has been the lead airline in virtually every major operational safety advancement over the past 60 years and has not had a fatality in the jet era".

The group recorded just 10 fatal accidents and 79 deaths in 2017 involving airliners, with none occurring in the U.S. In 2016, there were 16 accidents costing 303 lives. She has a passion for fashion, jewellery and travel as well as an avaricious fascination with crime novels.

According to the site, ratings are awarded through stringent audits from the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which evaluate both the operational management and control systems of an airline, as well as a country's airline infrastructure and regulation. To compile its list, the website's team of editors evaluated each airline based on its standing with global regulators, its fatality record over the past 10 years, the age of its fleet of planes, its result from an worldwide Air Transport Association (IATA) safety audit, and whether its country of origin conforms with the global Civil Aviation Organization's eight-point safety parameter.

These airlines all have excellent safety records and, unlike a number of low-priced carriers, they have all passed the stringent International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Aircraft acquisition was one of the ranking factors that determined inclusion of airlines on the safety list.

"All airlines have incidents every day and many are aircraft manufacture issues not airline operational problems".

"An excellent example of that was the Qantas A380 incident in 2010 when a Rolls Royce engine shattered after take-off from Singapore".

Aer Lingus, Flybe, Frontier, HK Express, Jetblue, Jetstar Australia, Thomas Cook, Virgin America, Vueling and Westjet.

They included the likes of Air Koryo, North Korea's flag carrier, Bluewing Airlines, based in Suriname and Indonesia's Trigana Air Service.

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