Asus adds a handful of laptops to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem

Over the previous year we've seen smartphone makers add Alexa to their handsets, and now Asus has joined Acer in announcing that the voice bot is coming to 2018 models of its notebook PC lineups.

The Verge are reporting that you can wake Alexa in one of 2 ways.

Some of these new PCs - like Acer's lineup - will come with special hardware that will let Alexa respond to commands more quickly and hear you better over loud music, similar to Amazon's own Echo devices. "This is a big step toward making Alexa available wherever customers might need her".

HP, Acer, and Asus all announced new computers to support Alexa at CES: HP has its spaceship-like Pavilion Wave PC, while Acer promised Alexa would launch on "select Aspire, Spin, Switch and Swift notebooks, as well as Aspire all-in-one PCs starting from Q1 2018". Acer, for instance, announced that it will provide "hands-free access" to Alexa on its PCs.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is taking Alexa beyond its Echo and Fire devices. Several of the most prominent Windows laptop manufacturers have already said they'll preinstall the app.

The Alexa app will be supported by devices with far-field microphones, meaning they will have a performance on par with that of separate devices.

From the first look, Pavilion Wave Wave with Alexa for Windows looks like a speaker with a custom LED to indicate Alexa and its state at the top.

Perhaps, most interestingly, the newly integrated PCs will show findings on screen, as well as audibly delivering information, with other Alexa integrations only able to perform the latter. Since all of these devices have a screen or can be connected to a monitor, Alexa will be able to display information in addition to providing audio feedback.

"By introducing voice services like Alexa paired with Intel Smart Sound Technology, we anticipate that the PC will serve an even more important role in maximizing your productivity, getting the most from your entertainment, and managing the smart home or office", Anand Srivatsa, general manager of Intel's Desktop, Channel and Systems Group, said in the release.

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