BBC China's editor quits over equal pay row

BBC journalist resigns over unequal pay

BBC journalist resigns over unequal pay

The respected journalist has resigned.

Gracie is a familiar face to many viewers of the BBC News. E!News was shamed live on TV at the Golden Globes on Sunday night by Will & Grace actress Debra Messing who used her airtime to berate the TV channel over long-standing anchor Catt Sadler's resignation. She has stepped down from that role but will remain working as an Asia correspondent.

The list published a year ago showed that two-thirds of the BBC's highest earners were men, with the highest-paid woman earning less than a quarter of the highest-earning male star.

Gracie didn't quit right away after she found out she was being paid less.

Why were you willing to offer a pay raise to Gracie, yet still refuse to give her equal pay?

In a tweet, Ms Gracie thanked the EHRC for its intervention and the "BBC audience for trusting me that this fight is for principle not money, for all staff not "stars".

Gracie, who has been with the BBC for three decades, wrote that the BBC is "not living up to its stated values of trust, honesty and accountability" when it comes to pay for men and women in similar positions.

"I thirty years at the BBC, I have never sought to make myself the story and never publicly criticised the organisation I love".

"Since turning down an unequal pay rise, I have been subjected to a dismayingly incompetent and undermining grievance process which still has no outcome", she wrote.

Around 130 broadcasters and producers have signed a letter of support for Gracie's protest, including Sarah Montague of the Today show.

Newsreader Jane Hill, who is lesbian, was among many who used the #IStandWithCarrie hashtag.

Carrie Gracie BBC
Carrie Gracie has covered China for nearly three decades and speaks fluent Mandarin

I know many people may see this as a pedantic HR point, but it's not. Can't think why that popped into my mind this morning.

"The message was "Anyone in any capacity who has tweeted about it, then those people can not do equal pay stories", a source told BuzzFeed.

Equal pay legislation was passed in the 1970s and still organisations discriminate. Much too revolutionary an idea for my pretty little head. "But I don't have the information to say this needs to happen or that should happen".

BBC presenters Clare Balding and Chris Mason and MPs Jess Phillips and Nadine Dorries are just some of the names who have tweeted in solidarity.

As China editor, she ran the sprawling broadcaster's Beijing operation for four years. Please read and retweet.

She also retweeted a series of messages from others who had posted in support of Gracie.

"I can assure you that I am way down in the minimum, probably a tenth of what you earn". He called for greater transparency.

"Because of BBC impartiality rules I can't interview Carrie", Garvey said. But she was among hundreds of women left outraged when the 21,000-strong organization revealed in July that it paid its then top male star five times more than its best-paid female host, and that two-thirds of on-air employees earning at least $203,500 were men. So here are my views in full. The pay gap won't close on its own - we all need to take action to make sure we address this. Those expectations undoubtedly affect the offers made. It is not men earning more because they do more of the jobs which pay better. (I think I have benefited from that bias). The right amount would be for them to decide, and I made clear I wasn't seeking a pay rise, just equal pay. This is largely because women in the NHS dominate lower-paid roles such as catering assistant, health care support worker, domestic assistant and other clinical support staff.

'But the inevitable arbitrariness of pay at the BBC's top level, also means that the subtle biases which shape all our expectations of what is the "right" pay, are more likely to be clouding our judgements. Maybe we should have far more of it generally.

The BBC has asked newsreader Huw Edwards to cut his near-£600,000 salary as it scrambles to fend off a legal row over the gender pay gap.

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