Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran wants to turn Lebanon into a giant missile site

Israel Threatens Lebanon To Counter Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran wants to turn Lebanon into a giant missile site

"Will Iran establish itself in Syria or will this process be stopped?" While Netanyahu apparently made his case to Putin, he did not receive a reply. "We are already acting to stop it". The Syrian National Dialogue Congress, now taking place in Sochi, was also among the topics discussed, the official said, without providing any details.

"Through the actions and inaction of the Lebanese authorities, Lebanon is turning into one big missile factory while much of the global community looks the other way", Manelis wrote in the op-ed.

A day earlier, IDF Brig.

Gen. Ronen Manelis, said in an op-ed that appeared on several online platforms, that Iran building missiles in Lebanon could trigger a full-scale war between Israel and Lebanon.

Netanyahu flew to Russian Federation for the day on Monday for his seventh face-to-face meeting with Putin in two years. Their last meeting took place in Sochi in August 2017. "I can't speak for the Russian position, but they understood that if certain changes weren't made, it is very possible that the United States would make good on its threat" to withdraw from the deal. "We will use this opportunity to talk about our bilateral relations and to discuss the situation in the region". Netanyahu has held a series of discussions with President Vladimir Putin in recent months on Iran's influence in war-torn Syria and in Lebanon.

Netanyahu stated that Iran is to blame for attempting to change the status quo both in Syria and Lebanon.

The Israeli prime minister highlighted some of the topics he discussed with Putin in a recorded statement.

"We see here this very moving presentation of documents from the Sobibor uprising, in which a Jewish Red Army officer led - against all odds - the successful breakout, the breakout to freedom", Netanyahu continued.

"After the [two's] meeting, President Putin presented Prime Minister Netanyahu with a gift".

"This is also our mission today and it is to this end that I want to speak with you, about our common efforts to promote security and stability in our region, and - of course - the cooperation between us, between Russian Federation and Israel".

Putin said that memory of the Holocaust is "a warning against any attempt to jump on the idea of global domination, to announce, build or assert one's grandeur based on racism, ethnic or any other supremacy". Netanyahu said he will pass it on to Yad Vashem.

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