California woman returns dead Christmas tree to Costco

Woman returns ‘dead Christmas tree to Costco in Jan. for full refund

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The New York Post reports the California woman dragged her used tree into a Santa Ana Costco on january 4 and asked for a refund 10 days after Christmas.

Amazingly, she actually did get her money back.

One woman is causing a stir after she was caught on camera reportedly returning her "dead" Christmas tree to Costco for a refund, according toWFLA.

'I can't make this stuff up, ' he wrote.

The unidentified woman entered the Santa Clarita Costco on January 4 and declared her tree was dead, so she thought she was entitled to a refund.

People present at the store were shocked as one of them wrote on social media about the lack of moral values of the woman. "Heartbreaking to think she may have needed that money so much, she lost all self respect and dignity for it".

"She did get a refund - not happily though". She even let him take her picture, which he posted with a red "X" over her face.

A by Costco employees discussed some of the more egregious items that were returned to stores, including 13-year-old fish, an empty wine bottle, and photo prints. People do this all the time.

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