Could Huawei smartphone deal fail spell full-blown Sino-US trade war?

Could Huawei smartphone deal fail spell full-blown Sino-US trade war?

Could Huawei smartphone deal fail spell full-blown Sino-US trade war?

No further explanation was given by Huawei regarding the role, but media outlets like CNET suggested that Gadot was basically appointed as the firm's brand ambassador for the U.S. market.

The deal with AT&T was going to be Huawei's first partnership with a premier mobile carrier in the U.S. While customers in the U.S. can buy Huawei devices, they are not offered as part of a data package by a U.S. -based carrier.

But that won't stop Huawei from selling the Mate 10 Pro online and at U-S stores, starting in February. But the plan was dismissed over political pressure from United States lawmakers who saw Huawei as a security threat. Verizon is according to sources of Android Police under political pressure to not launch the Mate 10 later this year.

Last month, members of the Senate and House intelligence committees sent a letter asking the Federal Communications Commission to review any relationship with Huawei and requested the FCC get briefed on the security concerns raised in 2012.

There is little question that Chinese deals often attract especially close scrutiny in the US.

It's awkward timing for Huawei, which showed off the Mate 10 Pro at the tech show CES this week.

Support from US carriers has been an issue for Chinese smartphone brands.

Its dominance comes just as big US carriers are expected to invest about $275 billion over seven years to deploy fifth generation, or 5G, networks that can carry huge amounts of data for high-quality mobile video and self-driving cars, the Journal reported.

Huawei is the fourth-biggest smartphone maker globally because of its massive popularity in Asia, according to IDC. Wonder Woman was one of the highest grossing movies in the USA a year ago and Gal Gadot's performance was appreciated by critics and audiences alike.

Privately-held Huawei has denied any accusations that the company is controlled by the Chinese government, and said it has cooperated with investigations from the US government.

A representative of Huawei said on Thursday that they believe the move to protect their intellectual property rights can help promote the healthy and sustained development of the science and technology industry. Media reports cited carrier security concerns regarding Huawei's ties to the Chinese government. Huawei's potential deal with AT&T was canceled due to security concerns.

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