James Cameron addresses Eliza Dushku's claim True Lies stunt coordinator molested her

James Cameron addresses Eliza Dushku's claim True Lies stunt coordinator molested her

James Cameron addresses Eliza Dushku's claim True Lies stunt coordinator molested her

According to Dushku, Hollywood stunt coordinator Joel Kramer. "I don't ever remember being alone with her".

Eliza said Kramer, who was 36-years-old at the time, lured her to a hotel room after assuring her parents that he would take her for a swim and sushi. I remember what I was wearing (my favorite white denim shorts, thankfully, secured enough for me to keep on).

However, instead, the stunt coordinator allegedly laid her down on a bed in a hotel room after getting naked and rubbed himself all over her. He spoke these words: "You're not going to sleep on me now sweetie, stop pretending you're sleeping, ' as he rubbed harder and faster against my catatonic body".

I haven't given a lot of thought to this specific situation because I just heard about it. That same day, "by no small coincidence", Dushku writes, she broke ribs in what she says what a stunt that went wrong. Nevertheless, Hollywood also failed to protect me, a child actress, ' she said. This is all lies.

Kramer has worked behind-the-scenes on blockbuster such as Mr and Mrs Smith, Blade Runner andFast and The Furious 7 added that he thought the allegations were "just insane", insisting he "treated her like a daughter". "Of course I believe [Eliza Dushku]", he wrote, adding three heart emojis and three fist emojis. Kramer "was responsible for my safety" on the film, she said. How does a guy like me fight against something like this?

"Had I known about it", he continued, "there would have been no mercy". True Lies costar Jamie Lee Curtis tells People she didn't know about the incident, which she calls "very sad and disturbing".

But both Eliza's mother, political science professor Judith Ann Rasmussen, and Sue Booth-Forbes who was the actress' legal guardian on the set, have now spoken in support of her assertions.

Eliza says that she gained the conviction to stand up to her abusers from all the fans who tell her that her characters give them strength as well. It has been indescribably exhausting, bottling this up inside me for all of these years'.

The actress adds that she was prompted to come out with her story now when she saw a photo of Kramer hugging a young girl on the Internet, an image that she writes "haunted" her. Dushku also credits other Hollywood women who have come out with stories of abuse and assault in recent weeks for strengthening her resolve.

James Cameron would have shown "no mercy" had he known about Eliza Dushku's alleged experience on the set of his 1994 film True Lies, he said at TCA on Saturday. "I was met with blank stares and had the sense that I wasn't telling that person anything they didn't already know".

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