January 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini Covers Upcoming Switch Games

It still holds up: the character designs by belt-and-zippers maestro Tetsuya Nomura, the incredible soundtrack, the young and lively cast of characters, the exciting battle system that takes full advantage of the DS touch screen in a way not many games have mastered to this day, the pins, the style, the setting, the mythology, the post-game content, the plot, the character arcs, the dialogue, the shops, the NPCs, my boy Joshua... my heart will go on and on.

Nintendo dropped this year's Nintendo Direct mini without any announcement and also announced quite a few titles such as Dark Souls remastered and more for its hybrid console. There's an improved frame rate and resolution as well as the Arteries of the Abyss DLC included.

Dark Souls Remastered will be released on May 25th, 2018 and will essentially be the original game, but this time with nicer graphics. This spin-off fighting game includes only the women of the King of Fighters series and features up to two-on-two battles. Not since the days of the Game Boy Advance has Nintendo done this. This wasn't the last Mario Tennis game to be released, but it was the last truly great Mario Tennis game that we've seen on a home console. His move set, which includes a spike-resistant surfboard, double jump, hover and infinite rolls and underwater corkscrews will allow novice players to enjoy the title when it launches on May 4th. Co-op friends can also combine their abilities to produce new effects. The update will hit Nintendo Switch this February. Although the content seems routine, Nintendo has also added something fairly new to this latest entry.

Nintendo has revealed that a version of Hyrule Warriors is coming to Switch with every character and stage from the Wii U and 3DS versions. The addition is small, but Link and Zelda will both feature their outfits from Breath of the Wild to add a little something extra to this edition.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy was announced, it will feature an all-female ensemble. PS4 in particular has had a surge in sales this week, which is normal considering that the first week of the year is traditionally favorable to PlayStation platforms, as their audience is usually people who use the money they receive in the new year in purchasing the consoles or content related. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is out on the Nintendo Switch this summer. It's also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The World Ends With You The World Ends With You will see the re-release on Nintendo Switch.

This indie platformer has you traipsing through a dark Nordic forest. Well, now we have the release date: March 16, 2018.

Another platform for the Nintendo Switch sees you controlling Madeline as she takes on the unsafe Celeste Mountain.

Celeste is a hard 2D side scroller that features over 300 levels to master. the title will feature an assist mode and feature numerous hard trials for the platformer enthusiasts. The free update adds Luigi's Balloon World, as well as new outfits and snapshot filters.

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