Kia Motors to offer 16 electrified vehicles globally by 2025

Kia's compact Niro EV concept will have a driving range of 383 kilometres

SUPPLIED Kia's compact Niro EV concept will have a driving range of 383 kilometres

These exhibits also have what Kia calls the world's first in-vehicle 5G connection and facial recognition tech that will disable many features of a auto if it doesn't recognize a driver.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is rapidly turning in to a de facto Motor Show, and Kia has chosen CES to debut the electric version of the Niro in concept guise. Plus its new "ACE" strategy will also make its cars more Autonomous, Connected and Eco/Electric. Speaking of which, an all-new, hydrogen-powered vehicle will appear in 2020, says Kia. At the rear, the Niro EV Concept features slim LED taillights, as well as sharp trailing edges that allow air to flow more smoothly off the back of the auto.

Since we're talking about a silent EV, Kia fitted it with new technologies meant to enhance safety for pedestrians. It is fitted with a 201bhp electric powertrain with power coming from a 64kWh lithium-polymer battery pack.

Emerging from the Kia design studio in Korea, the design of the Niro EV Concept dispenses with a conventional "grille" on the nose.

The plan includes several technological advancements such as the implementation of autonomous driving technology in all Kia vehicles by 2030.

Kia envisions owners using face recognition and voice control to'log-in to their cars in the future
SUPPLIED Kia envisions owners using face recognition and voice control to 'log-in' to their cars in the future

A combo of front view cameras, "object recognition tech" and front speakers basically sound an alert specifically at the pedestrian in question, warning them of the car's presence. "Due to launch in 2020, this FCEV will spearhead Kia's efforts to realize a zero-emission future for mobility", said Vice Chairman Yang. Called the Kia Niro EV, this compact SUV is all about what Kia's future, and how it's getting there.

On the self-driving front, Kia announced plans to begin Smart City autonomous vehicle testing in 2021.

The automaker will introduce connected auto technologies across every vehicle segment by 2025, and on all models by 2030.

The manufacturer already has one of the largest plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles presences of any manufacturer, and is looking to further this with the announcement of 16 new electric vehicles by 2025.

Alongside its new technologies, Kia has revealed plans to roll-out its "WiBLE" car-sharing service - launched in Korea a year ago - to new regions from 2018, starting with Europe.

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