Lenovo has a Google Home with a Display

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Lenovo has a Google Home with a Display

Lenovo's teamed up with Google to create a rival to Amazon's Echo Show. Along with these devices also a list "smart displays" were displayed.

At CES 2018, Google announced the support for Google Assistant for Smart Displays. One-quarter of smart speaker owners have a GOOGLE Assistant product such as GOOGLE Home or GOOGLE Home Mini.

Lenovo's 8-inch Smart Display model is set to retail for $199.99, so we can assume LG's alternative will feature a similar price tag, although it comes with two speakers instead of one. LG is the third manufacturer to get on board the bandwagon as they too have announced the release of the LG ThinQ WK9. It has "Tuned by Meridian Audio" speakers on both sides, while the front-facing camera is above it. With the camera above the screen you can make Duo calls. With the addition of a display, though, such information is complimented with visual aids, showing your routes traffic conditions, or video news briefings from YouTube, for instance. "We have been through a lot of work to achieve this with [our] high end speakers - it's.relatively easy in small devices [like Echo or Google Home] but more hard [for us]". This means, once you've told Google Home to talk to your TiVo, you can use natural language to search for any upcoming programming or recordings.

"Insteon continues to build interoperability with companies that enhance our customer's experience with their connected home", said CEO Rob Lilleness.

The LG Smart Ecosystem has been contributing to the smart home industry in many ways.

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