Michelle Williams Is Reportedly Worth 1500% Less Than Mark Wahlberg To Sony

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Michelle Williams Is Reportedly Worth 1500% Less Than Mark Wahlberg To Sony

Reports that Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million to reshoot his scenes for All the Money in the World while Michelle Williams earned less than 1% of that for the same work have raised eyebrows in Hollywood and across the country.

Sources told USA Today that the actress actually made a modest $80 per diem, equaling less than $1,000 for all of her extra work.

Wahlberg's team negotiated for the hefty fee, while Williams did it for "nothing", as did director Ridley Scott.

USA TODAY: "The crew, of course, did get paid?" The new footage was necessary after Christopher Plummer was brought in to the Ridley Scott-directed movie to replace Kevin Spacey, who was sacked amid allegations of past sexual misconduct.

The findings go against Scott's original statement to the media organisation. In 2017, Wahlberg beat out Dwayne Johnson to become Hollywood's highest-paid actor, with income of $68 million, according to Forbes magazine. Rather than let his film sink with Spacey's career, he recast and reshot 22 scenes in less than 10 days, with Christopher Plummer stepping into play Getty.

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Actress Michelle Williams was reportedly paid less than 1% of co-star Mark Wahlberg's salary for a 10-day re-shoot on "All the Money in the World". But for a film that is, ultimately, about greed, it's the greed off screen that is now making headlines.

"Everyone did it for nothing", he told the same publication in December.

Golden Globe-winning actress Mia Farrow said the disparity was "outrageously unfair", adding that she was "never, ever paid even a quarter of what the male lead received".

For her reshoots on "All The Money in the World, ' Michelle Williams" earnings paled in comparison to that of Mark Wahlberg.

It comes after director Ridley Scott claimed nobody was paid for the re-shoot, in which Christopher Plummer replaced disgraced actor Kevin Spacey.

Filmmaker Judd Apatow called the news "almost hard to believe", but added that he wondered "if the studio or Wahlberg will do something to make the situation less insane".

Regardless, experts say, a huge pay gap between a male and female star is exactly what Hollywood doesn't need right now as it struggles in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein and other prominent men. "And they could have my salary; they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted", she told USA Today.

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