Minimum wage hike goes into effect in NY, NJ

Minimum wage hike goes into effect in NY, NJ

Minimum wage hike goes into effect in NY, NJ

The average FTSE 100 cmpany chief has seen an 11 percent rise in median total pay in just 2015-2016, and now earns £4.35 million per year - compared to £1.23 million when the national minimum wage was first introduced - that's an increase of 354 percent. Numerous bumps slated for New Year's Day come courtesy of recent ballot initiatives approved by voters or bills passed by statehouses, in red and blue states alike.

It was announced back in October 2017's Budget that the Irish minimum wage would be increased, with the new sum to be tallied in 2018.

One such instance that occurred already in the area is when Carriage House closed and moved to another state.

Another minimum wage hike will be coming for NY workers Sunday. This marks the second increase toward a statewide $15 minimum wage.

The year 2018 will be the 20th anniversary of the legislation that saw the introduction of the minimum wage. The increase will be phased in over a longer period for workers in the rest of the state.

Horrigan said phasing in the increases will be beneficial to businesses as it allows them to adapt. "I'm paying more taxes on that payroll".

Todd Tranum, the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce President, expressed his concerns as well. As HuffPost reported in July, the new law had the effect of reversing St. Louis' minimum wage, taking it from $10 to the current state level of $7.70.

Beginning New Year's Day, a new family leave policy will take effect, allowing job-protected paid time off for new parents, caretakers, and family members of active military personnel serving overseas. The new employee scheduling regulations that are now in a public comment period, adds additional costs, paperwork and scheduling challenges to the backs of employers.

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