Nevada marijuana industry reacts to possible federal crackdown


Nevada marijuana industry reacts to possible federal crackdown

But many states, including North Dakota and Minnesota, have passed laws decriminalizing the drug for medical reasons.

"The previous issuance of guidance undermines the rule of law and the ability of our local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement partners to carry out this mission", wrote Sessions, according to NBC. While Sessions technically gave federal prosecutors the right to go after anyone buying pot, marijuana attorney Brian Vicente doubts any government agencies would use self-admitted "finite resources" to bring charges against an average dispensary customer, especially one following Colorado state laws. "If something does happen to occur because of this we'll just have to roll with it", owner of the Coos Bay cannabis dispensary Way High 101 Aaron McKinley said.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said that state was blindsided by the announcement, according to CNN.

Rohrabacher wasn't the only Republican taking on Sessions. Sen. Sessions said he was "astonished" to hear this evidence.

Funding for such startups has been on an upswing since Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2014.

And Colorado's US attorney, Bob Troyer, who was appointed to his office by Sessions in November, said Thursday that the attorney general's directive would not change his policy to prosecute only marijuana operations that "create the greatest safety threats to our communities". I stand with the voters of California in defending California's efforts to legalize cannabis. "This is a very bad thing and it's very unnecessary, considering what the president said publicly and that we are dealing with an opioid crisis right now", Don Murphy, who actually served as a delegate for Trump and volunteered on his campaign, told TAC.

"Jeff Sessions' obsession with marijuana prohibition defies logic, threatens successful state-level reforms, and flies in the face of widespread public support for legalization", said Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug reform advocacy group. Sessions, a longtime critic of marijuana legalization, says it causes spikes in violence and crime. It's also generated confusion about what the policy might mean for marijuana users, sellers and states that collect taxes from pot sales.

"That would be his top priority, and that is regardless of what the topic is, whether it's marijuana or whether it's immigration", Sanders told reporters. She did not elaborate. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom the President once called "beleaguered", is not attending.

The Los Angeles City Council in December finalized and approved three ordinances that regulate the sale of recreational marijuana in the city.

Gillibrand urged fellow lawmakers to support legislation she proposed that would "keep the federal government out of the way when doctors and patients decide that medical marijuana is the best treatment for them". Liberals and conservatives alike hold their policy commitments more deeply than any federalist principles, and they invoke those principles as weapons of convenience in their fights over policy.

Although marijuana use is not without negative side effects and societal costs, the floodgates have not opened to a substantial increase in marijuana use or crime in states where it has been legalized. Jones has been working to get more insurers into the market for insuring marijuana related businesses. "The biggest growth phase was during the (George W.) Bush administration, when we were facing SWAT team raids, and prosecutions on a almost weekly basis in California".

One issue that may be potentially litigated is how the new memo affects medical versus recreational marijuana use. The new uncertainty about how prosecutors will deal with this will only make it harder. But Arcview's leader, Troy Dayton, said the industry was resilient.

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