Now Telegram allow its users to use multiple accounts

WhatsApp vs Telegram – Features and security

Telegram 4.7 update now lets users have multiple accounts and reply quickly

With the quick replies feature, users now don't have to long press on a message and tap on the back arrow button to reply to it.

We have a new Telegram update to tell you about which allows you to now have multiple accounts. The Day theme also allows the users to pick an accent color for the entire app, like pink or purple.Since the Android Telegram version already had support for multiple themes unlike iOS, the new update now introduces the Multiple accounts feature for the Android platform. This would be very useful for someone who is using multiple phone numbers. In the meantime, Telegram is available in the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users, respectively. Now users can simply swipe left on a message to reply in a chat.

Telegram 4.7 is available to download in the Play Store now, and you can grab the update by clicking/tapping the button above. It might take a day or two for everyone to get the update automatically, so do not worry if you are not updated yet.

Telegram, a popular alternative to WhatsApp continues to impress with its evolving new features. The features themselves are not Earth-shattering or really that significant, but they are if you are one of the people waiting for these features. Are you happy to see the support for multiple accounts on Telegram?

Another important addition to its arsenal of features is quick replies. That's only on Android, since the iOS version is still playing catch up for some reason.

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