Suspect in fatal hoax call in Wichita makes court appearance

Tyler Barriss seen at an extradition hearing in Los Angeles is accused of making a

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Tyler Barriss, who instigated the swatting that led police to kill an unarmed man in Wichita, Kansas in December, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, according to Glixel, as well as giving false alarm and interference with law enforcement officers. But causing a false alarm is not among the "inherently unsafe felonies" listed under the state's felony-murder statute, so prosecutors sought the manslaughter charge instead, Bennett said during a phone interview.

According to Kansas law, involuntary manslaughter is described as the killing of a human being as a result of reckless behavior or in the commission of an unlawful act. His bond has been set to $500,000 for involuntary manslaughter.

The woman told police she believed she was the victim of a swatting call - when someone makes a phoney emergency call aimed at sending tactical officers to a certain location. Police claim that Finch moved his hands in a suspicious manner. Finch appears to have no connection to the game or the dispute arising from it. Barriss believed Finch's address to be that of a Call of Duty player that he was attempting to harass when another player commissioned him to do so.

As Rolling Stone points out, Barriss is also being charged for a swatting incident in Calgary, Canada in late December.

Police said Andrew Finch was killed after he reached for his waistband. He was unarmed
SUPPLIED Police said Andrew Finch was killed after he reached for his waistband. He was unarmed

Bennett could not immediately say why Finch's address became the target of the hoax call.

"As you might imagine anytime computers and gaming machines are involved, there's a fair bit of forensic analysis involved", he said. The officer who shot Finch has been placed on administrative leave until the completion of the investigation.

The caller who phoned Wichita police said in a relatively calm voice that he had shot his father in the head and was holding his mother and a sibling at gunpoint, according to the 911 recording.

For those unaware, "swatting" is when someone calls in a false police report that results in SWAT swarming in for an arrest, and Barriss has already faced prison time once before back in 2016. Barriss was allegedly targeting the home of a young woman he met online, authorities in Calgary said.

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