TCL 4K HDR Roku TVs get Dolby Vision, Roku Assistant, contrast zones

TCL 4K HDR Roku TVs get Dolby Vision, Roku Assistant, contrast zones

TCL 4K HDR Roku TVs get Dolby Vision, Roku Assistant, contrast zones

Both series support Dolby Vision HDR technology and, through a software upgrade later in 2018, will offer a more versatile iteration of the Roku TV platform than past year, adding Roku Connect and Roku Entertainment Assistant capabilities. At CES 2018 today, the company unveiled the first fruit of its efforts to the public.

The new 6 series televisions will come with similar features that of the earlier P series, such as support for Dolby Vision and HDR 10, but they will feature better design, and will available in more size options.

Similar to the 6-series, the TCL 5-series, it is an upgrade to the past year S lineup.

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The new TCL 6-Series will combine stunning 4K high dynamic range picture performance and powerful stealth metal design for a superior TV experience.

Other features that span the series include 802.11ac WiFi, Ethernet, a trio of HDMI 2.0a ports, wide color with NBP Photon tech, and what TCL describes as an "advanced remote".

All models in these lines feature support Dolby's HDR format, Dolby Vision. And no matter what environment this TCL model is placed in, from a dim home theater to a sun-lit living room, details remain visible with HDR Pro Gamma's tone map that accurately reproduces every detail within the darkest and brightest scenes. "The 5-Series has television sizes ranging from 43" to 65".

TCL is the largest distributor of Roku TVs in the United States and the largest TV manufacturer in China.

"Our TCL Roku TVs are amazingly popular among consumers, making the TCL brand the 3rd most popular smart TV in the U.S. in 2017". And, with more than 500,000 streaming movies and TV episodes, plus the best selection of music, sports, news, and more, TCL Roku TV is the ideal addition to any home theater.

TCL's Roku TVs are very successful, so it's not too surprising to see the closely-aligned companies collaborating on the first soundbar to feature the Entertainment Assistant recently announced by Roku. TCL has had big turn-out at CES 2018, with a great line-up of Smart TVs being launched on stage.

Journalists who walked out shaking their heads after a woeful Hisense CES press conference which kicked off with a speech in Chinese, were an hour later praising arch rival TCL who are now expanding into audio products with the Alto family. Users will be able to call on the Roku Entertainment Assistant, Roku's voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistant, to start video and music streams, and will be able to control and play audio even when the TV is off.

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