The "Rowdy" Ronda Era! Ronda Rousey Signs With WWE

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As a lifelong fan, Ronda looks to take her career down a different path, marking the deal by showing off after the end of the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match.

The women of WWE broke new ground on Sunday night, but after the match Ronda Rousey made her big WWE debut, and some people feel that she stole the spotlight at the wrong moment.

UFC President Dana White had supported Rousey during a surprise appearance at WWE Wrestlemania 31 and he still supports the MMA fighter turned pro wrestler now.

"I have nothing nice to say so I can't say anything at all".

Despite the longtime rivalry between the two, one thing Cyborg is confident in is that Rousey is going to be happy in the WWE.

"My wife doesn't like me still searching for Ronda. but she'll get over it sooner or later", Black Beast told TMZ Sports.

When Bully Ray asked her what will happen when she shows up to the arena and finds out she is working with Rousey, Banks responded, "It's like I do every single week, I'll do my job". Definitely some interesting news, but news we are excited about.

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