Ticket Service Fandango Adding Google Pay as Digital Payment Option

Google Pay

Ticket Service Fandango Adding Google Pay as Digital Payment Option

Google is merging Android Pay with Google Wallet, introducing a unified payment service called Google Pay. This includes Chrome for web purchases, YouTube for renewing subscriptions, in-app purchases on Android, and even retail outlets with NFC payments. Bhat said Google Pay will be coming to more sites and services in the coming weeks.

Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from The Jolt Journal. The merger is aimed at making all payments across Google and on third party services more simple and safer. The new brand is supposed to give users a single, unified platform for their purchases across all their devices and in-store, while removing all the confusion that revolves around the Android Pay and Google Wallet brands.

"With Google Wallet, Google was trying to find its wings in navigating between the point of sale, in-app and online payments, and they've reached the point now where "Pay" has become the noun used by Apple, Samsung, Walmart, Kohl's and others - and there's no point in going another direction", said Richard Crone, a principal with Crone Consulting LLC.

The companies are offering $5 off movie ticket orders to anyone using Google Pay on the Fandango Android app and entering the promo code "GooglePay2018".

The feature first appeared in May 2013 for American users, and seems to again suggest that Google is ramping up its activities in the online payments market.

But there was no benefit in waiting for Google to finally capitalize on its most powerful branding tool-its name-with Google Pay after its odyssey of trial and error with other ideas, analysts agree. We're not betting that Google is going to be able to streamline all digital payments with Google Pay, but it sure would be nice if Android had a single method for buying stuff.

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