Titans' Marcus Mariota tosses touchdown to himself

For the second game in a row, Mariota had some head-scratching moments for the Tennessee Titans.

Marcus Mariota fumbled when Derrick Johnson hit him with a crushing sack in the first half of the Titans' Wild Card Game against the Chiefs.

Chiefs cornerback Darrelle Revis jumped up to block the throw and deflected the ball back to Mariota, who caught it and dove into the end zone. However, Triplette ruled that Mariota's forward progress had been stopped, which means the play was not subject to review.

It was a blessing for the Titans as the Chiefs held a 21-3 lead before the magic trick/touchdown.

On a third-and-goal play from the Chiefs' 6-yard line, Mariota dropped back to pass, but couldn't find an open receiver.

If you had Mariota's first career postseason touchdown pass going to himself, well, you just won a ton of money, and I'm forever jealous.

The play looked to be dead in the backfield until Mariota saved the day, and his fans and teammates celebrated their quarterback's extra effort.

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