Trump Denies Insulting Term at White House Meeting

A source familiar with the meeting told CNN's Jake Tapper the President did not refer to Haiti as a "s***hole" country but Trump did ask why the U.S. needs more Haitians and pushed to "take them out" of the deal. "I've always believed that America is an idea, not definied by its people but by its ideals".

The president made the shocking remark Thursday during a bi-partisan meeting at The White House on immigration.

He also allegedly asked why the country needed more immigrants from Haiti, and said to "take them out".

Trump said on Twitter Friday that his language during the meeting was "tough", but "this was not the language used".

Lemon expressed his unsurprised disgust at Trump, reiterating his numerous racist statements and actions, from calling Mexicans "rapists" to defending neo-Nazis in Charlottesville to saying all Haitians have AIDS. Dick Durbin, who was present at the meeting, later affirmed that Trump used this exact language.

"He said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly", Durbin said.

"Apart from the vocabulary attributed to him, President Trump is right on target in his sentiment", Jeffress said in a statement, first released to the Christian Broadcasting Network and later shared with FOX4.

'I appreciate Senator Durbin's statements and have enjoyed working with him and many others on this important issue. "The President and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel", Graham said in a statement. "Do we need more Haitians?'"

In 2015, there were 676,000 Haitian immigrants in the United States, up from 587,000 in 2010, accounting for less than 2 percent of the US foreign-born population, according to the Washington based Migration Policy Institute.

The president added that the US government should accept more people from countries like Norway.

"The problem is that the story is actually about the words", says Andrew Seaman, ethics committee chair of the Society of Professional Journalists. But neither he nor the White House disputed the most controversial of his remarks: using the word "s***hole" to describe Africa nations and saying he would prefer immigrants from countries like Norway instead.

Mia Love of Utah, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, said President Donald Trump's aleged comments questioning why Haitian, Salvadoran and African immigrants from "s***hole" countries should be protected in immigration legislation are "unkind, divisive, elitist and fly in the face of our nation's values".

President Donald Trump says "this was not the language used" after reports that he referred to "shithole" African nations in a meeting. "I've not read one of them that's inaccurate". Major American media figures have called the comments racist.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton and Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte were both there, as was White House aide Stephen Miller, a proponent of severely limiting immigration.

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