US Customs computer outage at MIA causes long lines, frustration

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Mark Albert

New Year's Day felt more like Groundhog Day in the city's airports, after a computer outage left worldwide travelers in the lurch for hours - nearly a year to the day after similar problems caused massive delays.

According to the standed passengers, the delay was because the computer system to check passports, operated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, had failed. All the airports involved are now back online, according to CBP, though some are still experiencing effects from the outage.

"CBP took immediate action to address the technology disruption", the CBP added.

The airport said a "system issue" was affecting the processing times for Customs.

DFW travelers told NBC5 they had very little information about what was happening and hundreds of people backed up in line while the computer systems were down.

During the outage, "alternative procedures" were used to process global passengers, according to the agency. A spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the issue has been resolved.

According to the agency, it still had access to national security-related databases so passengers could be screened appropriately.

CBP has not given any further explanation of what caused the disruption in the system.

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