USA assures Pakistan of no unilateral military action

US terms turbulence in ties temporary

USA assures Pakistan of no unilateral military action

Referring to Trump's New Year's Day tweet accusing Islamabad of "lies and deceit" in the war against terrorism, Khan said that the United States president scapegoated Pakistan for the US-led coalition's failure to defeat the Taliban and bring peace to Afghanistan, and that "it was very insulting of him".

Trump accused Pakistan of doing nothing to assist in the USA -led war effort in neighboring Afghanistan and of failing to crack down on militants that attack US and Afghan forces across the border.

Islamabad maintains Washington is scapegoating the country for USA failures in Afghanistan and dishonoring Pakistani sacrifices and contributions in the regional counterterrorism efforts.

Pakistani Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan went so far as to tell reporters last week that Pakistan would cease "a wide field of intelligence cooperation and defense cooperation" with the U.S. He did not elaborate.

"The US would like Pakistan to come to the table and assist us in this effort".

Gen Votel reportedly assured General Bajwa that Washington "is not contemplating any unilateral action" inside the country, the ISPR statement said.

Col. John Thomas, U.S. Central Command spokesman, said officials are in continuous communication with Pakistan's military, including conversations between Votel and Bajwa. While he praises liberals outside Pakistan as anti-war and committed to humanitarian values and freedom of speech, he rails against Pakistani liberals, chastising them for supporting the military operations in the tribal regions. About those, Prime Minister Abbasi actually claimed that his country never even received anywhere near the nearly $1 billion that Trump said that he'll freeze, telling The Guardian that "the aid in the last five years at least has been less than $10m a year". Khan referred to Sharif's family, which dominates the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (PML), as "a political mafia" that he vowed to defeat at the polls.

"Even the US ambassador", who was summoned for a meeting at Pakistan's Foreign Ministry after Trump's New Year's Day tweets, "didn't have an explanation for the tweet for the first couple of days", the official said.

"Fasaad' to deny any residual capacity to terrorists of all hue and colour for which return of Afghan refugees is an essential prerequisite", the statement maintained while quoting Genera Bajwa as telling the U.S. commander Centcom.

US troops have been in the country ever since, supporting the government in Kabul's fight against the Taliban and other insurgents, including Islamic State (IS).

U.S. State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said the embargo would remain in place until Pakistan takes action against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network.

"We've only suspended the aid; we have not reallocated the money", Goldstein said.

He said that Pakistan is facing serious problems from the elements carrying out attacking from Afghanistan's soil.

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