WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

In 2016, WhatsApp added video call functionality to their app but there was no update to that option until now. The WhatsApp version 2.18.4 (Android Beta) comes with a switch button that will allow users to toggle from voice call to video call (and vice versa) without disconnecting the call. There will be a dedicated icon for the switch and tapping on it will send a request to the other party for a video call.

Since it is already in beta, this new feature of WhatsApp should not take long to reach all the Android users across the world. If all this seems like a bit of a pain, then you can simply wait until WhatsApp rolls the feature out in a full-release update. But, WhatsApp quick switch feature isn't yet available for the group calls.

In case you are wondering, the process will be the same if you want to switch from voice to video call. If they acknowledge the offer, the call will be exchanged.

The company will now carry out testing in the beta version before implementing it in the final version of the app.

WhatsApp has been adding new features to improve the user-experience of its social messenger service.

To maximize privacy in this feature, the developers have ensured that just because you click on the button will not immediately activate the video call. If they decrease, the voice call will proceed as ordinary. The feature is now available for WhatsApp beta for Android and we can definitely expect the feature to debut soon for all Android users around the world.

That's where the company tests experimental and upcoming features. We will keep you posted once the feature goes official to iOS users.

While the report doesn't mention anything about switching from video calls to voice calls, I assume that the option should also come at the same time.

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