20 flu deaths in New Hampshire so far this season

Flu Deaths Rise in Pennsylvania

20 flu deaths in New Hampshire so far this season

This season the flu has killed more than 50 children and the virus shows no signs of slowing down.

All were at higher risk because of advanced age and/or underlying health issues. Currently, this flu season is reported to be at week 11 having started early with the potential to last longer.

"I don't think we have peaked yet", Driscoll said.

There are signs Pennsylvania's 2017-2018 flu season, which began in October, may be nearing a peak, as the number of new reported cases declined for the third consecutive week.

Susan Burchill, a spokeswoman with Wesley Healthcare, 550 N. Hillside, confirmed that the hospital has had two pediatric deaths from the flu. Officials report 14 in Oklahoma County and 92 deaths elsewhere across the state.

Communities across Washington also are feeling the effects of a tough flu season. Epidemiologists in Spokane said the deaths are largely among those older than 65, unvaccinated, or with other health complications.

On Friday, Feb. 2, the CDC gave an update of this year's flu season.

The cold and flu also share a similarity in what they are not - neither is a version of the 'stomach flu, ' or 24-hour bug.

"We provide masks to people in the lobby, both to visitors and the patients to try to decrease the amount of exposure from droplets", said Dr. Weeks. "But even if it's not 100 percent effective, people who get the vaccine tend to have less severe illness and less duration (of illness)", he told the Herald.

"We want to make sure that everyone out there is protected".

Officials said the vast majority of reported cases - 78 percent - are in residents who have not been vaccinated for the flu this season. They're available at pharmacies, through health care providers and at the health district.

Flu symptoms include: cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, fever, chills and body aches. For most people, it's unpleasant but not life-threatening.

Its impact can be severe in some cases, especially among seniors, young children, pregnant women and people with underlying medical conditions, according to the CDC.

Officials of Aurora, Illinois, close a Catholic school, while those of Atlanta, Georgia, and NY recommended citizens to wear masks, to use germicide sprays to clean their hands and to avoid crowdy spaces.

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