Android Messages might finally let you send messages from your computer

Android Messages might finally let you send messages from your computer

Android Messages might finally let you send messages from your computer

After conducting an APK teardown of the latest version of Android Messages, Android Police found snippets of code that suggest Google is developing a desktop version of the app. The websites both discovered browser texting functionality when conducting AKP teardowns of the Android Messages 2.9 update.

Here's how each of these enhancements will work. Unlike Allo web interface that restricted users to Google Chrome for a couple of days, it has been revealed that Messages for web will work across multiple browsers.

In conjunction with the move to expand support for Android Messages to the desktop, Google also appears to be working on an improved implementation of RCS.

To access the feature, users will likely need to use the mobile app to scan a QR code provided by a dedicated Messages web page. It will link with the phone to do the actual SMS/MMS/RCS communication through your network provider.

One of the trends we're seeing these days is how messenger apps on our mobile devices also have a desktop counterpart.

"Just like Allo, you'll be able to see a list of signed in computers and disconnect from one or all of them at any time". You will be prompted to "text over Wi-Fi" via RCS.

Android Messages' web messages service is expected to support multiple devices and browsers.

According to AndroidPolice, this RCS helps messaging services to implement features which include texting through a data connection, seeing the messaging status (if somebody is typing) and read receipts, and sending photos, GIF sharing, location-sharing and other prominent sharing features. Also, it's been a year and a half since the company announced a major upgrade to its messaging apps, so users are probably due for a new update.

Google has been struggling a lot to keep up with a standard messaging app for its Android.

"The theme of the new strings is fairly unmistakeable, including common consumer terms like 'checkout and 'order summary.' Another key clue is the activity where these are displayed, which is named messaging.ui.businesspayments.PaymentsSummaryActivity", the report adds. All of these features are not officially available but you could choose to install the APK version and test out the features for yourself before the formal rollout is initiated.

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