Apple HomePod vs Google Home Max vs Sonos One: Sound Quality Comparison

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod Sounds Good, But Other Smart Speakers Sound Better

If you add to that sum the shipping costs ($20), you would have spent almost the full price of a new smart speaker.

Apple Music's subscriber count is growing at a faster rate. The fact that it can't yet do stereo pairing with another HomePod doesn't has had similar results, though its testers found the Sonos One to be better, and I generally disagree with that conclusion.

To my ears, the HomePod is better in the lower, bass frequencies and is impressively good at bouncing sound off walls with its seven tweeters to create an immersive stage. This manual effort takes about a minute and, just like the HomePod setup process, it only works on Apple iOS devices.

AppleThe Apple HomePod went for sale on February 9, and includes an updates Siri voice assistant out of the box.

HomePod's audio performance would cement it as the best smart speaker for music lovers. The videos walk users through features including how to use Siri to play music, how to use the HomePod touch controls, and how to adjust the settings. That's a hard question to answer for a few reasons.

But if you're looking for a great way to listen to music, the HomePod is well worth considering. I could say the same thing "When You Say Nothing at All" by Allison Kraus and Union Station. Will they introduce larger HomePods?

It's important to note that the Apple HomePod does have high-end audio quality, but when compared to the performance of the Google Home Max and the Sonos One, it fails to offer any significant improvements over these tried and true competitors. The Sonos One sounds nearly as good as the HomePod on most songs and, actually, slight better on others. It also failed to match the audio performance of the cheapest offering from multi-room wireless audio leader Sonos.

"I think Siri could be expanded and will be in the future", said Dalrymple. Nope. Need to set two timers with Siri? Or stream music from Spotify.

And the number of people buying Echo devices has skyrocketed over the past year: Amazon shipped 5 million devices in the third quarter of 2017, compared with 900,000 during the same period the year before, according to data from Strategy Analytics.

If the reasons mentioned above aren't good enough to keep you away from a Homepod, you can get one here.

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