Apple is changing its iOS strategy to focus on reliability and performance

Apple is changing its iOS strategy to focus on reliability and performance

Apple is changing its iOS strategy to focus on reliability and performance

Among the new features included in the latest iPhone operating system will be an updated health app, which in addition to tracking your steps and sleep patterns, will allow users to store their medical records on their phones.

Independent reports from a few weeks ago said that Apple's software division has made a decision to focus on user experience in its next major software updates, rather than pushing out a ton of new features. The major responsibility comes on the shoulders of Apple's engineers as they worked on new features-packed upgrades in iOS every year and because of that, some features remained imperfect, which later on created problems in software. Instead of being kept on a relentless annual schedule, Apple will focus on the next two years of updates.

Earlier this month Apple released a new update to iOS 11 - the 11.2.5. By the way, there is a possibility of release of iOS 12 for the next year - about it a couple of times said, not the most senior Apple employees, but so far no prerequisites for this no.

Everyone already knows about iPhone's major features like Animoji and Apple Pay.

The change is also somewhat of an admission and acknowledgement that some users have been complaining about the stability of iOS and macOS updates, as if they were released haphazardly or hastily.

Apple has yet to confirm the change, but the reported strategy isn't surprising.

Apple is slowing the pace on iOS updates, with the Cupertino firm allegedly opting to get absolutely right a smaller number of changes in its flagship iPhone software.

Unlike Google, Apple doesn't release separate updates for its default apps such as Messages, Calendar, or Mail. But, again, don't expect these features in iOS 12. Instead, iOS 12 will bring Apple fans something a lot more important, and it's a "feature" that you might not even notice at first.

Other details about the future operating system remain unknown, and it's possible that some features will be bumped back if they aren't up to snuff.

Further reports from Bloomberg suggests that the new features are being made as a part of the software release which is now codenamed as "Peace". As per the report, the features that have been pushed to 2019 include a redesigned home screen, updates apps like Mail, and some reported tweaks in the Photos app. The iPad will reportedly get tabs within apps so you can run several windows inside a single app, and also run these windows from the same app side by side.

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