Apple Music on course to overtake Spotify in United States 'this summer'

Apple Music has topped 36m subscribers worldwide, adding 6m in the past five months

WSJ Claims that Apple is Adding Subscriber Accounts in the US at a Higher Rate than Spotify

Apple Music was launched in June 2016 in more than 100 countries worldwide, and is adding 5% to its USA user-base every month, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

According to media reports, Apple's subscriber-account base in the US has been growing about 5% monthly, as against Spotify's 2% clip. Apple admittedly has a distinct advantage over other tech companies in that its music streaming service comes pre-loaded on all company hardware. The milestone was shared with the Wall Street Journal as part of a wider piece on Apple Music's progress - including the claim that it's growing faster than Spotify in the US.

Spotify service has upwards of 70 million paid Premium subscribers, and it also maintains a large subscribers worldwide lead. WSJ notes that Apple's 36 million paid global subscribers is up from the 30 million it last reported in September.

Representatives for both Apple and Spotify could not immediately be reached for comment on Sunday.

As we have mentioned earlier, Apple Music could surpass Spotify in the United States this year in terms of subscriber count.

Apple launches its HomePod on Friday, which will only support Apple Music.

Will Apple Music overtake Spotify? If Apple becomes dominant here in the U.S, it will surely become dominant globally. It could invest in its music streaming service in ways that Spotify could only dream of.

Growing Apple Music's domestic subscriber base could be a sort of Trojan Horse into the smart speaker market. That's because it has three to four times as many trial users as Spotify since it automatically signs people up to a three-month trial.

After forking out over $3 billion to buy Beats it appears that Apple's investment in music is paying off.

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