Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz looks on during the first half of an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Atlanta Falcons Saturday Jan. 13 2018 in Philadelphia. Philadelphia won 15-10

Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

In Philadelphia, Foles is trying to do the unthinkable by leading his team to a championship as a backup quarterback, while in New England, TB12 is trying to add to his record number of Super Bowl victories, now sitting at five.

She's not sure where the seats are, but said, "I'll take any seat". From there, the video gets even funnier.

"People online have demanded that she be sent to the Super Bowl and it is finally happening", says a campaign launched by a friend, Katie Pidge Mowry.

"My grandfather made a deal with me after the last Eagles' Super Bowl loss in 2004 - if they make it again in his lifetime, the two of us, and my dad, would go to it", Brest writes.

'I want the Eagles to win so bad, ' Parks responds.

The Rutgers University New Brunswick student then slams the Patriots' defense and says no one cares about the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

- Cole Fitzgerald is a 13-year-old Philadelphia Eagles fan from New Jersey.

Towards the end of the hilarious video Parks informs her mom that the Eagles need to win so she can attend their parade. They're like my sisters, ' she says.

Our friends at the World Cafe and XPN are stoked that the Eagles are headed to Super Bowl LII this weekend.

Although the Eagles' quarterback is certainly a great story, don't be fooled by the Foles trap.

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