Battlefront II microtransactions are coming back, but sales were hit

Battlefront 2 microtransactions coming back

Battlefront II microtransactions are coming back, but sales were hit

That is to say it sold 9 million copies instead of 10 million, with the publisher expecting another 1 to 3 million more this year.

The executives on the call were also asked if Disney has formulated an opinion on whether they're comfortable with loot boxes.

EA held its earnings call today, and there was a lot of Star Wars talk as investors and analysts had questions about the recent Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy. EA removed microtransactions from Battlefront II just before the game's public release in the wake of significant blowback from the community. This was definitely a learning opportunity. He argued that Electronic Arts' plan is "absolutely" to continue to drive and focus and deliver on digital economies and live services. "We have a tremendous relationship with Disney and we have built some fantastic games together, and we have been very proactive with that relation in the service of our players". It leveraged paid for loot boxes, multiple in-game currencies, random drops, card mechanics, boosted stats for paying players and so much more that meant it encouraged you to spend money and made it harder to play if you didn't.

Microtransactions are coming back to save Star Wars: Battlefront II.

EA forecast revenue of $1.23 billion (roughly Rs. 7,800 crores) for the current quarter, topping Wall Street's expectations of $1.18 billion (roughly Rs. 7,500 crores). "This was a record for the third quarter", Jorgensen said in prepared remarks. ("EA") announced in a blog on its website at that it will turn off all in-game purchases for the Star Wars Battlefront II title until further notice.

Blake Jorgensen, the chief financial officer for the company, noted that the company hopes that the game will sell an additional one to three million copies within the first three months of 2018. Importantly, EA mentioned that it incurred a $176 million tax expense during the quarter related to the recently adopted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The FIFA community grew to almost 42 million players, on console alone, during the calendar year.

Microtransactions play a big part in EA's business.

FIFA Mobile added 26 million players in the quarter alone.

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