Boy gets stuck in arcade machine while trying to get stuffed toy

A boy in Titusville Florida had to be rescued from inside a claw machine Wednesday

Boy gets stuck in arcade machine while trying to get stuffed toy

Titusville fire officials rescued a boy from inside a claw machine Wednesday night, according to a Facebook post.

The kid and his parents were having dinner at Beef O'Brady's in Florida, when Mason ambled over to the children's section to play with a Pinnacle claw machine.

"Often times we say to ourselves that you never know what the next shift will bring".

Mason sat in the machine on a bed of stuffed toys, calmly watching firefighters work to free him.

The fire department said the event was "unexpected", but that the opportunity to "help people in their time of need [is] what draws people to public safety".

"This evening little Mason was enjoying some food and decided he wanted a stuffed animal", the rescue agency said.

"Just big enough of an opening for Mason to get up and into the game!" the TFD said in a Facebook post.

"Thankfully he was never in any distress", the post read, describing the lieutenant's assessment of the situation.

The firefighters got Mason out with "minimal damage to the game" and he and his mother went back to eating dinner.

'We love a happy ending and are glad everything worked out.

The youngster, known as Mason, was snapped inside the glass box surrounded by toys before fire crews removed him from it.

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