Britain eyes longer Brexit transition

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GETTYTheresa May has been sent a shock Brexit letter by 62 Tory MPs

May took senior ministers to the premier's country retreat of Chequers on Thursday to discuss what economic ties they want Britain to have with the European Union after leaving the bloc in March 2019. The question now is whether she can come up with a strategy that is both achievable - and acceptable to her Cabinet, her party and her country - before she goes into battle with the European Union.

"Many are ready to contribute more to the post-2020 budget", Tusk told a news conference.

Talks aren't due to begin until next month, but look increasingly likely to start with a stalemate.

Britain could also end up tied to new European Union spending programmes such as the Common Agricultural Policy without having a say over how they are designed or spent once Brussels' new long-term budget comes into effect on January 1 2021. The hard part is getting the other side to agree.

Asked to say whether they think BBC News is pro-Brexit, anti-Brexit, neither or don't know, the majority of Remain voters polled said "neither" or "don't know". "From the very start it has been a key clear principle of the European Union 27 that there can be no cherry-picking and no single market "a la carte".

The Commission, which is leading the negotiations, outlined the difficulties of reaching trade terms with the areas including chemicals, agriculture and carmaking. Now the British Government has suggested that a longer period of transition, to sort everything out, could be preferable but it hasn't suggested how long that period might last.

The danger for May comes not with agreeing to set out ambitious demands, but if it becomes clear that there will have to be compromises. "I am not the British prime minister, it would be good for Britain if I was it, but I am not", Juncker told a reporter who quizzed him on when he expected to get details of the outcome.

"This is, and will continue to be, a key principle, I have no doubt". The vehicle sector is key because of its sensitivity to regulation and cross-border trade.

In televised comments made in Brussels before the start of an informal European Union summit, Costa said Portugal supported the idea of a common European Union tax on worldwide financial transactions, as well as levies on digital platforms and companies that pollute.

The meeting, which took place in Tudor mansion Chequers, was not all business: the ministers were fed a three course meal starting with cream of sweetcorn soup, followed by slow-braised Guinness short rib of beef and then lemon tart.

They represent less than a fifth of the 316 Conservative members of parliament, but after May lost her parliamentary majority in a snap election past year, she can not afford to alienate them, and she has been wary of setting out too many details of the government's negotiating position.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to unveil a competing vision of how Brexit should work in what is being billed as a significant address on Monday.

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