Canadian police charge alleged 'serial killer' with five counts of murder

Bruce Mc Arthur  Facebook

Bruce Mc Arthur Facebook

Toronto police said Monday they are hunting through backyard gardens and planters across the city for possible victims of a landscaper accused of killing at least five people and suspected of more slayings.

Previously, police had dismissed rumors of a serial killer targeting gay men, but Idsinga now says there's no telling how many victims McArthur might've killed.

Earlier this week, McArthur was charged with the murders of three more men, including Majeed Kayhan, one of the missing men identified in the original task force, Project Houston.

Reports say McArthur was a frequent patron of the Black Eagle, a bar in Toronto's Gay Village, and that at least one man, Abdulbasir Faizi-whose disappearance is under investigation-was seen at the bar the night he disappeared.

Police have conducted interviews with three people who were in sexual relationships with the 66-year-old, all of whom reportedly said they called it quits because they were uncomfortable with some of the sex acts.

Police believe he has killed even more than that, NPR said.

"He's taken some steps to cover his tracks and we have to uncover these victims and identify these victims", said Toronto Police Detective-Sergeant Hank Idsinga during a press conference Monday.

"Right now, where we've recovered the bodies, are from large planters and they've been hidden in the bottom of these planters, so we've seized quite a few planters from around the city", Det.

"[McArthur] was very pleasant and you could never imagine that this is what he'd do and we've known him for 15 years", said Bill.

Toronto's LGBTQ community were demanding answers from the police after disappearances of 44-year-old Esen and 49-year-old Kinsman last year. They said they were planning to excavate at two locations "where people might be buried", but said they did not know what, if anything, they might find.

"It's a serial killer - alleged serial killer", Idsinga said.

The charges against McArthur have not been proven in court.

Sgromo said he grabbed McArthur's elbow and ended the encounter.

After leaving the bar, Sgromo said they kissed before McArthur led him to the back of his empty van where they started to undress.

Police did say McArthur has spoken to investigators.

All this gives McArthur the infamous title of serial killer.

When police arrested McArthur at his residence, they found another man naked and restrained inside the apartment.

Whatever happens next, said Stevens, she will never forget the faces of her friend or the man who is alleged to have slayed him.

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