Cops find 9000 pounds of stolen oranges squeezed into cars

Thieves try to steal 4,000kg of oranges

Three vehicles were found to be transporting thousands of oranges

When the drivers saw the police cars ahead, they quickly changed direction, sending alarm belles off for the authorities as they chased them down the highway.

Rather than fish though, oranges poured out of the vehicles when officers opened them to see what was inside.

Five suspects were arrested in southern Spain after police officers carrying out a traffic stop found vehicles loaded with more than 8,000 pounds of stolen oranges.

As a convoy of vehicles - a Suzuki sedan, a small estate auto and a van - was attempting to flee with the citrusy loot, it came across a police auto on routine patrol and abruptly changed direction, according to local media reports.

Five people were detained as they could not explain where the four tonnes of fruit had come from.

Police in Seville first gave chase after noticing the vehicles were being driven erratically and very close together, according to Europa Press.

In total, the police had uncovered four tonnes of oranges.

One said that they have picked it up on the ground along the way of their long journey, for their own consumption. They later learned the oranges were stolen from a shipment.

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