#DayZero pushed back to 9 July

#DayZero pushed back to 9 July

#DayZero pushed back to 9 July

In a radio interview with Channel Africa, ESI Africa editor, Nicolette Pombo van Zyl, explains how water efficiency is fast becoming a priority at decision-making level.

"This week's lower rate of consumption can be attributed to the Groenland water reaching Steenbras Upper Dam last week.as well as to a further reduction in Cape Town's weekly average demand to 523 megalitres per day‚ compared to 1 130 in 2014".

The ideas generated will contribute to effective solutions to the Cape Town water crisis, ideas that will be shared with other water-stressed cities around the world.

In Cape Town, South Africa, residents and businesses are implementing water-saving strategies to reduce their impact on this rapidly decreasing municipal resource.

Although #DayZero has largely fell to the wayside this week in the wake of SONA 2018, Cape Town is still in the midst of a drought.

South Africa Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona told TravelMole yesterday that water levels are now at 24%.

"We anticipate that Day Zero could move back into June again once the Groenland transfer has been completed, unless we are able to meet the 450 MLD (million litres per day) collective water usage target".

According to the South African Weather Service, two of the driest seasons ever recorded for the city since observations started in 1921 happened in the last three years: In 2015 when 549 mm (21 inches) fell and last year - the driest year on record - when annual rainfall totalled 499 mm.

"In Khayelitsha, officers visited eight unregistered auto washes and all were fined for using municipal water", Cape Town Metropolitan Police Sergeant Ruth Solomons said.

At the moment, restrictions make it compulsory for residents to use no more than 50 litres per person per day, as city officials look to see out the hot summer months into winter, when Cape Town usually gets rain.

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