Facebook testing downvote button to effectively flag inappropriate comments

Facebook testing 'down-vote' button- but will it lead to more cyber bullying

Is the social network about to empower tormentors

In a statement, Facebook said: "We are not testing a dislike button". So, as users get to downvote certain comments, it would give Facebook a clearer picture of what users want to see and the topics they are interested in.

Some users took to Twitter to report about the new feature that showed up in the posts comment section on "public Facebook pages".

Facebook has long faced an issue over how best to let people express less-than-positive feelings about people's posts and comments. The already existing "hide" button is not readily accessible right now, and does not bring the comment to Facebook's notice for being inappropriate.

The test of the downvote button may be part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's resolution for 2018. The screenshots come from Christina Hudler.

A couple of years ago, the social media giant introduced reactions to posts where a user could provide "angry", "laughter" or simple "like" reactions.

In 2015, Facebook Design Chief Julie Zhuo said she had heard users complain about only having the ability to "like" a comment.

The new button, which appears to bring Facebook closer to having a "dislike" button, is now being tested on five per cent of android users in the US.

Facebook started testing a new feature that's "downvote" on comments of users, in order to make feedback easier. And as many know, Facebook doesn't mind copying the traits and features of competitors that it sees as successful.

In case you are wondering if its a "dislike button", its not, at least that is what Facebook is saying. Downvoting was popularized on Reddit for crowdsourcedcomment ranking.

The test was reported earlier by the Daily Beast. The option has begun to deal with the negative comments of any public post.

Facebook, however, has been very keen to stress that this isn't going to be a "dislike" feature. It's not a way of disliking posts, sadly, but is instead used to flag them.

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