Google Wants To Bring Smart Replies To More Chat Apps

A Google R&D team wants to bring Smart Reply to all your chat apps

Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

It's based on Smart Reply, which uses artificial intelligence to suggest one-click responses to emails in Gmail, and messages in its Hangouts and Allo apps.

Beyond automated replies, Reply is getting brand-new features that make it even more aware of certain situations. Apps the feature is being tested in include Google Hangouts and text messages. The experimental project not only provides simple Smart Replies, it also recommends a specific ETA when users are asked what time they'll arrive to their destination.

The key feature of Reply is that it aims to bring smart replies to the next level.

Reply offers a Do Not Disturb feature for when you're driving, which silences the phone and responds to any messages received that you can't chat right now.

"You probably get a lot of chat messages", said Area 120 in an email to testers. The project, simply called "Reply", will allow users who sign up - now available to Android users only - the ability to use "smart replies" in their favorite mainstream chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter's Direct Message feature, Whatsapp, and Hangouts. Would you like to see Smart Reply arrive for your chat app? Last month, Google announced the addition of Smart Reply within Messages for those users on its mobile phone service, Project Fi.

Google's Area 120, a workshop for experimental products under development at the Mountain View firm, is now testing the new system. There's also an automated Vacation Responder that is able to check the user's calendar and tell people that the user is now not at work. An example would be receiving messages while driving; using your phone's Global Positioning System and Bluetooth sensors, Smart Reply would know you are in your vehicle. As of now, smart replies aren't shown in notifications, but with Reply, users will be able to send smart replies directly from the notifications list.

Google confirmed the experiment is in the works, but wouldn't speak to other details like the team members building Reply at Area 120 or the time to launch.

The project is still in very early stages of development, and not much is known about it, other than the fact that it exists.

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