Huge sales start today as Toys 'R' Us goes out of business

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These South Florida Toys 'R' Us stores are holding massive going-out-of-business sales

Massive going-out-of businesses sales are expected to start shortly at over 150 Toys "R" Us stores across the country, including a half-dozen in our state.

The retail chain has since removed about a dozen stores from the list.

In an updated list the company put out Wednesday, 144 of its Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores will close, including seven in Georgia. The 150 stores, representing about one-fifth of the company's US locations, are expected to close by April. The sales reportedly could start as early as February 7 and last through April.

During last month's court filing, the company said some locations could avoid closure if they managed to acquire cheaper leases, USA Today reported.

"The actions we are taking are necessary to give us the best chance to emerge from our bankruptcy proceedings as a more viable and competitive company". Meanwhile, Toys R Us officials say the privately held retailer is reinventing its brand and restructuring to ease its ballooning debt.

Stores in Albany, Newnan and Fayetteville are Toys R Us. LEGO also announced it was having trouble with sales and cut 1,400 jobs.

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