Hundreds of protesters remain in jail as Iran announces release of detainees

Hundreds of protesters remain in jail as Iran announces release of detainees

Hundreds of protesters remain in jail as Iran announces release of detainees

The protests appear to have been inspired by 31-year-old Vida Movahed, who reportedly was arrested briefly after being photographed waving her hijab while standing on a utility box on Enghelab Street in central Tehran, according to.

The wearing of headscarves by Iranian women has been obligatory since Iran's Islamic Revolution of 1979. One video posted on social media on Wednesday showed a mother at a busy traffic intersection in Tehran waving a white scarf and shouting out: "We want freedom, we want freedom of dress". This woman stood atop a utility box for 10 minutes before officers arrested her, the Guardian learned.

Women showing their hair in public can be jailed for up to two months or fined.

"I took my scarf off because I'm exhausted of our government telling me what to do with my body", a 28-year-old protester reportedly told feminist author and New York Times columnist Mona Eltahawy. On Sunday, she announced on Facebook that Movahed had been released.

"Civil disobedience is costly and women might face arrest and jail time for removing their scarves in public, but women courageously show defiance, indicating that the new generation finds no benefit in staying silent", Iran analyst Omid Memarian told Newsweek. Her message is clear, girls and women are fed up with forced [hijab].

Iranian law has compelled women to wear a hijab since the 1979 revolution, but it has been a hard policy to enforce. Photos of at least three women circulated on Twitter.

Video of the Girl of Revolution Street's protest went viral, and more women were emboldened to express their dissatisfaction with compulsory hijab in similar protests.

Iran freed 440 people arrested in Tehran, a judiciary official said on Tuesday, amid continuing uncertainty over how many were detained across the country.

"Iran's ", an official arm of the state's police force that primarily focuses on women's dress codes, has intensified over the last few weeks.

People from all over the world, are supporting the Iranian women and think that the veil law should be banned and women should be treated equally as men.

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