Immigrants targeted in drive-by shooting in Italian town Macerata

Italy shooting

EPA CAUTION The Mayor of the town has since warned residents to stay inside

Local media in Macerata, central Italy, reported that at least six people, all African migrants, were injured by a man firing shots from a moving auto.

Italian police arrested a lone gunman in a series of drive-by shootings targeting foreigners Saturday morning that paralyzed a small central Italian city still reeling from the gruesome murder of a young Italian woman allegedly at the hands of a Nigerian immigrant.

The suspect had an Italian flag wrapped around his neck when he was detained.

Traini, who police said had no previous arrest record before the shootings, ran a losing bid in local elections past year for the anti-migrant Northern League in the nearby city of Corridonia, about six miles outside Macerata. At least one of them is said to be in a serious condition.

All of those injured were foreigners, police confirmed, and Mr Carancini said they were black.

The suspected shooter, an Italian man, was swiftly arrested, the police said. People injured. Police operation under way.

"The closeness of these two events makes you imagine that there is a connection", Carancini told Sky TG24.

Right-wing politicians have seized on the death of the woman, Pamela Mastropietro, to promote their anti-migrant policies before elections which are due to be held on March 4.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that "hatred and violence will not be able to divide us". The Nigerian suspect in that case was denied asylum by Italian authorities but somehow managed to remain in the country.

Eighteen-year-old Pamela Mastropietro's remains were found in two suitcases on Thursday. Ansa news agency reported the man made a fascist salute before his arrest.

The office of the town's mayor warned people in a tweet to stay indoors because of the incident.

An Italian man who has been politically active with the anti-migrant Northern League has been arrested in the drive-by shootings that wounded six people.

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