Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

Florida man says Apple Air Pod earphone blew

Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

The incident happened earlier this week when Jason Colon was working out at a local LA Fitness club in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Apple's AirPods are a one of a kind device, featuring advanced technology that no other company is now offering.

We've always been largely unimpressed with the quality of Apple's EarPods headphones, and were hoping to see a dramatic improvement in their standard following Apple's acquisition of Beats in 2014. While being shocked at what was happening, the man left it on a workout equipment and went for help.

Take a look at the video below for more details... However, not the man, or anyone else, was present to see the actual pop or explosion of the small device so we can not yet be certain as to what may have actually happened. Colon told the TV station that "It was already popped". "I did not see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried!" "But I'm sure since it hangs down, it could've been [my] ear lobe". You can see flame damage.

Such reports have continued to plague Samsung, which first issued a voluntary recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phones because of a "battery issue" on September 2, offering to give replacement phones to customers who had bought the devices. A year ago, a lady revealed that her earphones detonated while she was wearing them on a plane and obviously there was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 calamity in 2016. If you are using AirPods, it is advisable to exercise caution while listening to them for extended sessions of usage. Apple has reportedly reached out to Colon to figure out what happened and will likely issue a public statement in the not-too-distant future.

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