Modi 'morally unfit' to be PM, says Siddaramaiah

“Will Rahul Gandhi be silent?” BJP on Congress leader's Twitter Jab at PM

Modi 'morally unfit' to be PM, says Siddaramaiah

The scallop sounded in big by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi here for the BJP, ahead of the Karnataka Assembly poll. Throw out this government. "It is a matter of shame if this becomes the identity of a government", said Modi taking the example of the controversial steel flyover. I can see the winds are changing.

Highlighting Karnataka's performance by using data released by the Centre, the Chief Minister advised the Prime Minister to refer to it before lying.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was also part of the frenzy and said, "I think I'll have POT for lunch today".

He called upon people of Karnataka to elect a BJP government for speedier implementation of development programme.

During his rally in Bengaluru, PM Modi said the countdown for the Congress government's exit from Karnataka has already begun with a "saffron wave" in the state. "The finance commissioner decides how much each state gets". Spandana is in charge of social media outreach for the Congress. The administration was dominated by sand mafia, transfer mafia and builder mafia, he said and added that scams and mafia have a free run here. Modi went on claim that BJP was at the forefront of protest against the flyover and ensured the cancellation of the project. "It is Karnataka culture and ethos to work selflessly". He accused Congress leaders of being involved in the commission racket and said the recent IT raids on Congress leaders had exposed this.

The latest attack by Prakash Raj on PM Modi came nearly a fortnight after he declared himself "anti- Modi, anti-Amit Shah and anti-Hegde". Karnataka is the first state to launch a Universal Health Scheme. "Let us fight this election with dignity & based on just facts", Siddaramaiah said. When the BJP came to power in the Centre, we gave the state 2 lakh crore.

"Where did the money come from", he questioned, then asserted it was funded by taxes and his state ws the third highest taxpayer. My government is focussed on "ease of living". He said his Government believes in the mantra of "Reform, Perform and Transform". As if to counter these statements, Modi hit back at the state government saying that the state was a leading example of corruption. We are no. 1 in silk production in the country. "The tweet - Is this what happens when you're on POT?" - had mocked PM Modi's comment about farmers being TOP priority - TOP standing for tomatoes, onions and potatoes.

He said: "Karnataka is not one of the top ten states when it comes to crime, etc".

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